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​Welcome to 

​St. Michael The Archangel

A Catholic Faith Community

8929 50th Ave, 49340

[email protected]


Fax: 989-967-8246

**Emergency after hours


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Stewardship of Treasure

Give to St. Michael

We invite you to purposefully steward your gifts of treasure to St. Michael. Do you offer the Lord the first portion of your treasure instead of what’s left over in your wallet or purse when the basket passes your way each week at Mass?

We ask that every parishioner prayerfully considers the gifts that God has given them. In gratitude for such gifts, we hope you give back to God through a significant gift to St. Michael Church on a regular basis. This giving back to God in support of the mission and ministry of the parish is essential to the spiritual life of you, the giver, and to the ongoing operations of the parish.